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7 Comments on "What Is The Income Requirement For The Affidavit Of Support Form I-134?"

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Brian Kahler

Are the income requirements before taxes or after taxes ?


So how do i file the joint sponsor? Fill out a separate form but indicate the same beneficiary? Or together in one form but fill in part 7, additional information?


Dear Ayan,

I am a green card holder and I came to the US two months ago. Right now, I am working an I am earning more than 20k dollars.

I got married just before I come and I would like to bring her to the US.

1- Do I have the right to sponsor my wife? Since I am working and I meet 125% of Federal poverty line.
2- If yes, is that true that I need to provide tax transcripts for at least two years?


Hi Ayan,

I am the K1 petitioner and I will support my fiancee (beneficiary) by submitting I-134 form in the near future. If my income already meets the requirement, do I still have to make sure my assets meet the asset requirement? Obviously, the asset minimum is such a huge amount that I won’t be able to match for now. Besides, when I submit I-134 form, will I still have to submit a bank letter and bank statements in support of my total assets even though the asset requirement is not met?