I-751 Frequently Asked Questions


My renewal notice for one year was approved but my card about to expire check my case only it’s only show that from then..If we accept your case, you will receive a receipt notice. If we reject your case, we will send you an explanation with instructions


Sometimes that I-751 processing time can take a really long time. I’ve seen people who waited so long that they were eligible for naturalization before they removed the conditions on their green card. As long as you have the extension letter, it’s okay that the green card you have now expires.

When did you submit the I-751? I ask this because normally you would get a receipt notice within a week or two not a year later.

You don’t have to worry about your green card expiring since you received your extension letter.  Just make sure that you keep that letter in a secure place because that is your proof of permanent resident status after the GC expires.

Yes, you will need to just wait for the approval but the 1 year extension is your proof of LPR status. I know many people who have waited a year or more for their 10 year green card and a few of them have already applied for naturalization while the I751 is pending. Ridiculous right?