The Person Behind My Path To Citizenship

I’m so happy you want to know more about me. 🙂

Where do I start? Well, I’m a foreign-born Canadian that moved to the United States for love. I arrived on a K1 visa to marry my now husband.

My interest in US immigration started with my journey to ultimately move to the US to be with my husband. It has been a complicated ordeal with lots of paperwork, expensive fees, medical exams, and interviews.

I created this blog to help anyone out there that needs guidance on how to apply for their visa, green card or citizenship. I am deeply passionate about this because I know exactly how it feels to not be in control of your future during this process.

If I can make it easier for you guys, then I feel like I have done my part to give back because I have been blessed to be able to be with my husband now. It is the best feeling in the world to be approved and start living your life here in the US.

I hope that your experience will be just like mine or even better!

The Purpose of This Website

This website was started as a way to share my experience on moving to the US and has turned into a way for me to meet other people in the same situation.

My goal with this site is to help other immigrants out there that needs more information about the U.S. immigration process. I hope you find this helpful and share it with others that may need it!

I absolutely love getting emails from readers with questions or comments. Please feel free to contact me, even if it has nothing to do with immigration.

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