Can I file my I-765 separately from my Adjustment of status (AOS)?

The Adjustment of Status (AOS) forms also includes the I-765 which is the application for employment authorization document (EAD). The I-765 form will give you permission to work in the United States for up to 1 year or until you receive your green card.

It wouldn’t make much sense to file for AOS without the employment authorization form because the fee that you pay is for both forms.

One reason someone would want to file AOS without the I-765 is because of the expense.Some people may not be able to afford the steep price tag for filing AOS but there really is no way to divide this cost in half and wait for just the greencard.

Filing for Adjustment of Status (which includes the EAD) will cost you $1,070.00 so it is not cheap. This fee includes the following:

  • I-485 Form (AOS  EAD) – $985797-welcome1
  • Biometrics- $85

Once you apply for both AOS and EAD you will receive a letter indicating your case number so you can check the status of your application on the USCIS website. Then shortly after this, you will receive a letter for an appointment for your biometrics where they will take your photo and fingerprints.

You may get your EAD either before your biometrics appointment or shortly after.

Once you get approved for your green card and you received it in the mail, you no longer need your EAD card because the greencard can be used for employment authorization purposes.


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