CR1 Visa Checklist For 2019: Download Sample

If you’re a total nerd when it comes to organization, you are going to love the CR1 visa checklist for 2019! US immigration is full of legal jargon and an endless list of documents and evidence needed. Using this CR1 visa checklist will help you easily understand what is needed to get approved.

Without the CR1 visa checklist, you risk forgetting to include an important document with your I-130 petition and ultimately, the CR1 visa application.

Alright, now that we know that you need a CR1 visa checklist, what exactly does this checklist have?

In this post, I’ll go over a few aspects of the CR1 visa checklist that are most important and why it’s important to use one with your own spouse visa case.

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I’ve been helping couples for years to submit their I-130 petition to USCIS and one thing I’ve learned is that you really can’t be too organized.  USCIS adjudicators have a tough job. They must review thousands of pieces of documents and decide whether your relationship is real. ????

Why not make their job a little easier by submitting all the right documents and organizing it properly.

Oh – the CR1 visa checklist also helps you reduce the stress of the visa process!

Case Example:

Micca and Amberlie met on Reddit and got along really well right away. After months of dating and finally visiting each other, they decided that Amberlie would fly from the UK to the US so they could get married. She knew that she couldn’t stay in the US, but instead she would need to file the CR1 visa from the UK.

To get organized, they downloaded the CR1 visa checklist to help them understand the process better. They used the CR1 visa checklist to determine what evidence and documents they needed to submit to USCIS, NVC and DHS.

If you and your spouse have decided to start this immigration process on your own, you’re not alone! There are thousands of couples who choose the do-it-yourself immigration route.

One major reason to submit your own immigration petition is cost. Hiring an immigration lawyer can be really expensive. I’m talking about $2500 and up which is out of reach for many couples. ????

I personally submitting my own fiancé visa application because we didn’t want to spend any more money after paying the expensive filing fees.

Simply put: you can definitely submit your own spouse visa application, and this CR1 visa checklist will help you tremendously! ????

I-130 Petition Checklist

The first step of the CR1 visa process is completing form I-130.

When you first submit your I-130 petition to USCIS, you are simply asking for permission to apply for the CR1 spouse visa. You have to provide evidence that you and your spouse meet the basic requirements for the visa.

Additionally, once you meet these requirements, USCIS will approve the I-130 petition and forward your case to the National Visa Center (NVC).

By using the CR1 visa checklist during the initial petition and the NVC stage, it will help you ensures that nothing is missed.

Unfortunately, if you do miss something important, then USCIS will likely send you a request for evidence (RFE).

What should the CR1 visa checklist include?

  • Forms required to be filled out (I-130, I-130A, G-1145)
  • Proof of US citizenship or LPR (petitioner)
  • Evidence of bona fide marriage
  • Evidence of financial support

The CR1 visa checklist can help you know exactly what to include with your I-130 petition. Not only will this help you stay organized but you will avoid getting an RFE from USCIS for missing documents.

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National Visa Center (NVC) Checklist

After your I-130 petition is approved by USCIS, it will be routed to the National Visa Center (NVC). The NVC is responsible for reviewing your case and requesting evidence of financial support.

Next, you will likely get a letter from NVC stating the documents that must be completed and evidence to submit. It’s important to follow these instructions directly and include everything that is being asked for.

Under normal circumstances, your case shouldn’t be with NVC for very long. You will be provided with an invoice number and ID that you can use to login online and pay your visa fees.

What should the NVC CR1 checklist include?

  • Payment of immigrant visa fee
  • Payment of affidavit of support fee
  • Online form DS-260
  • I-864 Affidavit of Support
  • Proof of income
  • Scheduling the medical exam
  • Scheduling the CR1 interview

The  NVC checklist for the CR1 visa, make sure to submit the documents needed as soon as possible. Submitting the required documents quickly will get your case processed through NVC sooner. ????

Finally, once NVC has completed processing your CR1 case, they will send it to the US consulate abroad for the interview to be scheduled.

You may be required to schedule your own medical and visa interview. You should check the instructions sent to you by the NVC. However, others may have the CR1 visa interview scheduled by the NVC or the US consulate.

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CR1 Medical Exam Checklist

Before your CR1 visa will be approved, you must complete a full medical exam with a USCIS approved panel physician.

Unfortunately, there are only a few clinics that are approved by USCIS and they may not even be in the same city that you live in. Keep this in mind when scheduling your medical exam.

Ideally, once the exam is complete, the clinic will either send you the sealed envelope or send it directly the US consulate. It’s important to NOT open the sealed medical exam results! If you do open it, it becomes invalid and you will need to do another medical exam.

The medical exam is used to determine if you have a communicable disease that could be a threat to US public. You should prepare by gathering your medical records and vaccination records.

What’s included in the CR1 medical exam checklist?

  • CR1 interview letter
  • ID or Passport
  • Medical records
  • Vaccination records
  • Payment of fee

Remember that the CR1 visa medical exam must be scheduled by the beneficiary. You must be sure that the clinic or physician you see is approved by USCIS. You can do this by visiting this site to get a list of USCIS approved panel physicians.

With my case, I had to travel to Montreal two weeks before my K1 interview. It was a bit of a hassle driving almost 3 hours twice in the same month, but it was required.

Thankfully, the medical exam is usually easy to complete. It’s similar to an annual physical that you would get at the doctors office. ????

You will also get vaccine boosters if you are missing any of them as well as an X-ray to check for TB.

After the medical exam is complete, the clinic will have you pay the medical fee directly to them. Then they will then send your results to you or the US consulate. Remember, do not open the sealed medical envelope!

The only person that is supposed to open the medical envelope is the Customs and Border Protect (CBP) agent at the port of entry.

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cr1 visa checklist

CR1 Visa Interview Checklist

At last! You are now at the CR1 visa interview stage. ???? This is where the CR1 visa checklist really comes in handy!

Now, to prepare for the interview, you should go through the list of documents that you will be bringing with you and review your answers on the I-130 petition.

This will help you get ready for some of the questions that the consular officer will ask you.

The CR1 visa checklist will help you to not forget anything important. Use it to gather all the documents and evidence that you need to present to the consular officer.

Good new is that if you do forget a document, you can submit it after the interview is complete. It simply means your case will be in administrative processing for additional review.

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The CR1 visa interview checklist should include:

  • Interview letter
  • Foreign passport
  • Original I-130 petition
  • Supporting evidence for the I-864
  • Sealed medical exam results

Getting to the CR1 visa interview stage takes time and patience! But, once you get to this step, you should be completely prepared and the CR1 visa checklist will help you do just that!

Lastly, you can either create your own if you know what’s required at each step or you can download the CR1 visa checklist I’ve created for you! ????

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How The CR1 Visa Checklist Helps You

The CR1 visa checklist is a simple and easy to use document that lists all the forms, documents and evidence needed at each stage of the process. You can use it as a quick reference or as a way to stay organized with your spouse visa application.

You can either download it to your smartphone or print it out and have it handy when you prepare your I-130 petition.

The CR1 visa checklist is a great tool for couples who want to do their own immigration application and avoid paying thousands of dollars for an attorney.

Although this checklist will help you understand what is required for the spouse visa petition, you shouldn’t rely on it only. Ultimately, you are responsible for the completeness of your application and that it is submitted correctly.

This checklist is a way to know what is expected of you without having to read tons of pages on

Ready to get started with your spouse visa? Download the free CR1 visa checklist!

Conclusion: CR1 Visa Checklist

So, is the CR1 visa checklist right for you? Yes!

Everyone going through the spouse visa process can use a checklist to help them stay organized. Even those of you who hate planning things ahead could definitely use it. ????

With my own case, it was very important for me to submit the petition correctly the first time. I didn’t want anything to delay our case which is why I created my own checklist at the time.

Thankfully, there are a lot of tools and resources on the web but sometimes it can be hard to determine what is legit and what is not. This CR1 visa checklist is constantly updated and the requirements are accurate as of today.

cr1 visa course
Need more help with your CR1 spouse visa? Check out the Migrant Academy! It’s an interactive online course platform that helps you submit your own I-130 petition with step-by-step video tutorials. If you would rather do-it-yourself the right way instead of  spending thousands of dollars to pay for an immigration lawyer, check out the CR1 visa course inside the Migrant Academy!

Author: Ayan

Ayan is the founder of the Migrant Academy community and the My Path To Citizenship Podcast. She has successfully helped hundreds of couples and families achieve their goal of visa and green card approval. U.S immigration can be difficult and confusing, Ayan simplifies the process so that you feel confident and reassured.

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    Pls what should be my answer when immigrantion officer ask why did you get married on your first visit?

  • jude says:

    Pls what should be my answer when immigrantion officer ask why did you get married on your first visit?

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