CR1 Visa Fees and Expenses

Last Updated: 2/15/2019

CR1 Visa Fees

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The cost of the CR1/IR1 spouse visa process can be expensive. Especially for those who are on a limited income such as retirees, military personnel and those who are disabled. However, falling in love with someone overseas who you eventually marry is well worth the cost if it means that you will be able to spend the rest of your life with your soulmate.

The total costs can range due to the cost of travel, accommodations, government filing fees and medical exam costs. Petitioning your foreign spouse can get very expensive and time consuming, but if you are willing to do the research, you will have a high chance of successfully being approved.

Fortunately, the CR1/IR1 visa timeline gives you some time to pay each fee separately at different times. The initial fee of $535 needs to be included with your I-130 petition. This pays for the actual review and processing of your petition. Since the USCIS is self funded (meaning the government doesn’t use tax payer money to pay for the service) the filing fees go towards their budget.

Every case is different and only you can truly calculate the total cost of your petition, but the typical CR1/IR1 spouse visa case can range from about $1,100-$1,800 for self petitioning all the way up to $5,000 if you hire an immigration attorney.

Fees and Expenses For The CR1 Visa

Filing Fees (required)

USCIS filing fee: $535 (per applicant)

NVC Immigrant Fee: $325

Affidavit of Support Fee: $120

Other expenses: postage, photocopies (varies)

Total CR1 Cost: $980

Variable Costs

Travel cost: varies by location

Medical cost: $100 – $500

Assistance: $800 – $5,000 (attorney)

Migrant Academy – $197 (CR1 spouse visa course)

Should You Hire An Attorney?

Hiring an immigration attorney isn’t always necessary and everything they will be doing, you will be able to do. However, for those of you have more money than time – you can definitely opt for the assistance of a lawyer.

Fortunately, you do not need to know everything about the immigration legal system to be able to petition your spouse. The vast majority of people who file for the CR1/IR1 visa do it themselves. The basics are pretty easy to understand and the hardest part is to gather all the evidence that is required.

Take your time when you are putting together your CR1 spouse visa packet to make sure you haven’t missed anything. Check out the CR1/IR1 visa guide for more information about what you will need to include with your petition.