You Need To Know To Get Approved

For The Spouse Visa!

Which Stage Are You In?

USCIS Stage:

I-129F Petition and Evidence

Find out how to put together a strong I-129F petition and what evidence you must include.

NVC Stage:

DS-160 and Affidavit of Support

Understand the NVC process, completing applying for the K1 visa and income requirements. 

Consular Stage:

Medical and Visa Interview

Learn about vaccination requirements, interview procedure and questions.

CR1 Visa Statistics

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CR1 Visa Refusal Reversals

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can petition for a spouse?

You must be a US citizen or a lawful permanent resident who is legally married to your spouse.  The petitioner must meet the income requirement or provide a joint sponsor and must show proof of a bona fide marriage.

How long does the CR1 visa process take?

The entire CR1 visa process can vary depending on the country. Most applicants will be waiting 7 months to 16 months from start to finish.

How long will it take for the I-130 approval?

USCIS adjudication times will vary depending on the service center that has your petition. You may be waiting between 4 months and 7 months for the second notice of action approval letter (NOA2).

How long will it take to schedule my interview?

After your I-130 petition is approved, you’ll submit all required documents to the National Visa Center. Then NVC will schedule your interview within a few weeks to a few months depending on the available dates at the consulate or embassy in your country.

How do I speed up administrative processing?

Unfortunately, the consulate or embassy determines how long administrative processing will last. In most cases, you should get a final determination on your case within 60 days. If you’re waiting longer than this, contact the consulate or embassy directly to get an update.