Form DS-5535 Frequently Asked Questions


My Aunt needs to fill out form DS-5535, should she include every country she visits and lives in the last 15 years?

Hi Ayan, hoping to get some advice regarding this form. I’m helping my aunt complete form DS-5535 in advance of her immigrant visa appointment. The appointment email sent from NVC included the attachment and asked to fill out and submit electronically. She has citizenship to Iran but also lives in Germany so she has residence in both places and travels back and forth.

She travels frequently to both addresses but the form asks to fill out travel to places outside of country of residence. So should she include all the times she has gone back and forth from Iran to Germany or just when she has gone to other countries? The only way we have found all her travel is to look at the exit and entrance stamps on her passport and of course they’re stamped in Iranian calendar year so we have to convert to Gregorian calendar and it is a very confusing process.

I don’t want to make any mistakes. Also she doesn’t remember exact dates for her places of residence in the last 15 years just approximate years. Will this pose a problem? She has also never worked. She has always been a homemaker and helped care for her father when he was ill and prior to his death but they don’t want you to put retired but she hasn’t worked and her son supports her. Thanks for any advice you can offer!


To answer the travel questions on form DS-5535, make sure to include everywhere your aunt traveled for the past 15 years from the date the form is filled out. It’s specifically wanting to know about countries that are outside of your permanent place of residence.

She will need to include details about where she got the money to travel. If it was given to her by her son, make sure she includes that. If you need additional information about form DS-5535, check out this post I recently wrote: