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EP18: Should I Hire An Immigration Attorney For K1 Fiancé Visa?

When my fiancé and I first decided to start the K1 visa process, we had no idea what we were doing. We started doing research and checked the USCIS.gov website for requirements and information but it quickly became overwhelming. A thought came into my mind, “should we hire an immigration attorney for K1 fiancé visa?” 🤔
Ultimately, we went with applying for the K1 visa ourselves to save some money. Now looking back, I don’t regret our decision one bit. We were definitely more confident with the entire process when the I-129F petition was approved.
In today’s episode of the podcast, I want to talk with you about how you can make the decision on whether you should hire an immigration attorney or submit the petition yourself.
Recently, I’ve received an email from a woman who was filing for a K1 visa for her fiance. She hired an attorney who filled out the paperwork but she chose not to review them before they were sent. Do you know what happened? The petition was rejected because evidence of meeting in the last two years was not submitted.

K1 Fiancé Visa Process Can Be Difficult and Confusing.

One of the most frustrating aspects of US immigration is just how complicated the process really is. Even if you have a simple straightforward case, you will still need to take the time to understand all the steps that need to be completed before you are successfully approved for the I-129F petition and K1 visa.
Additionally, you’ll need to submit a ton of documents, complete numerous forms, and include enough evidence and supporting documents. This can make anyone feel like running to their nearest immigration law office for help.
Although hiring an attorney may be useful for some couples who have the resources, the majority of you can do it yourself with a bit of research.
You don’t need to know everything about immigration law to file your K-1 visa petition, you just need to know what USCIS requires from you.
K1 attorney fees

Who should hire an attorney?

  • You have more money than time.
    • If money is not an issue for you, then by all means, go hire an attorney to complete your case. Most people who feel that time is more valuable to them than a few thousand dollars should definitely seek this option. One thing I want to remind you of is that you must still review your application before it’s sent to USCIS. Don’t risk
  • You want someone else to fill out the forms.
    • If you don’t have the money but still want someone else to fill out the forms, it may be an option for you to hire an attorney. I still believe that you should know exactly what was written on the forms to be sure it’s accurate.
  • You don’t want to learn about the process.
    • Come on! Immigration is not that boring, ha-ha! Okay, I get it. You have better things to do with your time but think about your life with your fiancé (or spouse for those of you applying for CR1 visa)
  • You have a complicated case (criminal history, visa overstays).
    • With a complicated case, it’s best that you speak with an immigration attorney. I’m talking about cases with a criminal history or visa overstays and unlawful presence time.

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Do I Have A Better Chance of Getting Approved With a Lawyer?

I get this question a lot.

Many couples who are on the fence about submitting their own petition wonder whether simply hiring an attorney will make USCIS approve their case faster or at all.

  • A lawyer will NOT have a better chance of approval.
    • Unfortunately, using an immigration lawyer will not make your case get approved or processed any faster than if you submitted your own application. A lawyer will simply help fill out the forms and provide answers to some of your questions, that’s it. Save some money and consider enrolling in the interactive K1 visa course at the Migrant Academy.
  • It’s all based on whether you submitted the right documents and evidence.
    • If you want your case to be approved, be sure that you complete the forms correctly and then submit the right supporting evidence. If you chose to go with a lawyer, you still need to review everything that is being submitted to USCIS.

If K1 denied, should I use a lawyer to appeal?

  • First, find out why you were denied.
    • Before you decide on the next plan, you should find out why your K1 visa application was denied in the first place. If it’s simply that you forgot to include an important document; reapply yourself with a stronger case.
  • I almost always recommend reapplying or choosing the spouse visa.
    • If your case was denied because of fraud or because it was weak, you should get married and then apply for the CR1 spouse visa. Many high fraud countries have a better chance getting the CR1 spouse visa approved rather than the K1 visa. Take a look at our interactive CR1 spouse visa course, a complete guide to filing your spouse visa step-by-step in a fun and easy to understand way.

Can an Immigration Lawyer Attend The Consulate Interview?

  • You are allowed to bring an attorney.
    • Thankfully, some consulates and embassies allow you to bring your attorney to the interview. But, you should double check this because I know that others have limited space and therefore, may not allow this.
  • A lawyer can prepare you for the interview.
    • Getting ready for the interview is really important to get your case approved. You want to be ready for some of the questions that you may be asked. If paying thousands of dollars for an attorney to help you prepare for the interview is ridiculous, consider signing up for the K1 visa course at the Migrant Academy. You’ll be able to practice some of the questions using our state-of-the-art quiz that helps you respond to the immigration officer confidently.

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Ultimately, it’s up to you if you wish to hire an attorney.
I always encourage couples to learn how to apply themselves because this will give them confidence knowing that you overcame this hurdle together.
If reading up immigration procedures and law is NOT your cup of tea, check out the Migrant Academy.
It’s an interactive online course platform for couples who want to apply for the K1 fiancé visa or CR1 spouse visa. You’ll learn how to submit the right paperwork, download sample letters and income calculators, know the interview procedure and questions that are asked and a whole lot more.
Come join the Migrant Academy and see what other couples are raving about!

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