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How To Fill Out Form I-130 Petition For Alien Relative Part 2

In Part 1 of “How to Fill out Form I-130 Petition for Alien Relative” we talked about who should use this form and how to fill out the first 5 pages. If you haven’t read Part 1, go back and review it first. Alright, let’s go ahead and finish filling out the rest of Form I-130 Petition for Alien Relative.

If you want to come back and complete the form at another time, make sure to save the PDF.

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Part 4: Information About Beneficiary

15-16: Enter the phone and email address of the foreign spouse.

17: Enter the number of times your foreign spouse has been married including your current marriage.

18-19: Select your spouses marital status, this should be “Married” and the date you legally for married.

20a-20d: Enter the city and country where your spouse got married. This should match the location you put in page 3.

21a-24: Enter the petitioner (US spouse) name here as the current marriage partner. Leave question 22 blank since you are currently married. If beneficiary was previously married, enter the name of the ex-spouse and the date the marriage ended.

25a-36: Enter the names of your foreign spouse’s children that will be accompanying them. If no one else is will be immigration with them, type “NA” even if your spouse is pregnant. Until the child is born you cannot add them to the petition.

I-130Part 4: Information About Beneficiary (continued)

37a-44: Continue entering the names of your foreign spouse’s family members that will be accompanying them to the U.S.

45: Enter where you were born and your date of birth. Make sure this information is accurate as it will need to match your background check.

10a-11: Enter your current address. If you’re mailing address is the same as your physical address answer “Yes” to question 11.

12a-13b: If your physical address is different than your mail address you entered previous, enter the physical address here.

14a-15b: Enter your previous addresses that you have lived at for the last 5 years from today’s date.

16: Enter the number of times you’ve EVER been married (including your current marriage).

17: Select your current marital status (if you’re petitioning your spouse, select “Married”).


Part 4: Information About Beneficiary (continued)

57a-58f: If the foreign spouse’s written language doesn’t use roman letters (such as A,B,C,D…) and instead uses symbols, type their name and foreign address written in their foreign language. Otherwise, type “NA”.

59a-62: If the U.S. spouse has EVER lived with the foreign spouse, enter the address that you live together in. If you’ve never lived together type “never lived together”.

Part 5: Other Information

1-5: If you (the U.S. spouse) has submitted a petition before for your foreign spouse, select “Yes”. This can happen if you applied for a fiance visa which was denied and are now filing for the spouse visa. If you have also EVER filed for anyone else, enter their name, address, date filed and the outcome.

6a-7: If your petitioning for any other relative at the same time, enter their information here.


I-130Part 5: Other Information (continued)

8a-9: Continue adding any additional family members that will be accompanying the beneficiary to the U.S.

Part 6: Petitioner’s Statement & Signature

1a-2: If you can read English well enough to understand it, check the first box. Otherwise, if you are going to use an interpreter check 1b and include the language you are most comfortable speaking and reading in. In question 2, enter the name of the preparer if you are not the person filling out the waiver.

3 to 5:  Enter the U.S. spouse’s daytime and mobile phone number. If these are the same, enter it twice. Type in your email address if you want notifications sent to your inbox. I highly recommend using an email because you get the notice a lot faster than by mail.

6a-6b: U.S. spouse must sign and date the form.


I-130Part 7: Interpreter’s Contact Info

1a-7b: If you are using an interpreter, either fill out their contact information or have then fill it out themselves. The interpreter will need to certify that they are fluent in English and your native tongue. Finally, the interpreter signs and dates the form.

Part 8: Interpreter’s Contact Info

1a-3h: If someone other than yourself is filling out the form, they will need to enter their contact information here. The preparer will need to certify that they filled out this form with your permission and that it complete and true. Finally, the preparer signs and dates the form.


Part 8: Preparer’s Contact Info

4-8a: Continue entering the contact details for the person who is filling out this form. Sign and date the form.


i-130Part 9: Additional Information

1a-2: This information will auto populate based on the information you entered in pages 1-2.

3a-7d: This last page of form I-130 gives you additional space to explain your answers on the previous pages. If you feel you need more space, you can include an additional typed page with this application. Otherwise, for each answer you want to clarify you can use this page. Remember to include the page number, part number and item number of each question you want to explain further.


Final Thoughts On Filling Out Form I-130

Congratulations! You’ve now completed filling out form I-130 to bring your foreign spouse to the United States. This is not the last step but only the first. You will now need to gather evidence of a bona fide marriage to include with this petition. You can read this guide to learn more about the evidence to include with I-130 and where to file the petition.

Do not forge to sign this form! If there is no signature or payment included with this form, USCIS will return it to you. If there is a signature and payment included but other information is missing, USCIS will send you a request for evidence (RFE).

If you’ve found this step-by-step tutorial on how to fill out form I-130 helpful, consider sharing it with others!

Was filling this form difficult for you? What tips do you have for others? Let me know in the comments below.



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