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How To Fill Out I-485 Adjustment Of Status (Part 3)

If you haven’t already done so, check out Part 1 and Part 2 of the series “How To Fill Out Form I-485 Adjustment of Status” before continuing on with part 3 in this post.

In the last two posts we went over the basics of adjustment of status and how to complete the first 7 pages. Form I-485 is very long and you should really take your time filling it out. Thankfully, the form can be completed and saved as a PDF file so you can work on it over time.

Let’s continue on how to fill out I-485 form page 8-12:

How To Fill Out Form I-485 Adjustment of Status (part 3)

The following sections cover pages 8-12 of form I-485. This application process is can be very complicated so if you need help or have questions, please consider signing up for Premium Case Support. Don’t try to rush to complete this! Be sure to double check question that you answer and that you’ve signed the form before submitting it to USCIS.

Later in this series we will also go over some of the evidence you should include as well as the income requirement for the sponsor (or joint sponsor).

Part 5: Information About Your Marital History  (continued)

Question 16a – 16c: Provide the location where you and your previous spouse were married.

Part 6: Information About Your Children

Question 1: Enter the total number of living children. This can be all biological, legally adopted and current stepchildren.

Question 2a – 16: The next few questions ask for the full name, A number, date of birth of all of your children and whether they are applying with you. Even if you don’t plan on having your children move right away to the U.S., you should say that they are applying with you.

Part 7: Biographic Information

Question 1: Select your ethnicity.

Question 2: Choose the race that you identify as.


Part 7: Biographic Information

Question 3 – 6: Select your height, weight, eye color and hair color. If you have changed your hair color in the past, be sure to select your current hair color.

Part 8: General Eligibility and Inadmissibility Grounds

Question 1 – 13b: This question wants to know if you are part of group or organization including military service. USCIS will do a quick background check on this organization to see if they are a threat to the United States. If you answer “Yes” you must include details about this group that you are apart of.

Part 8: General Eligibility and Inadmissibility Grounds (continued)

The next two pages of questions will ask for some background on your criminal history and immigration history. Be honest about your past because they can find this information during the background check and the last thing you want is to be seen as hiding the truth of trying to commit immigration fraud.

Question 14 – 24c: These questions want to know your immigration history. Answering “Yes” can cause a delay due to background checks and USCIS will need to verify all of your answers. If you need more space to write a detailed explanation, you will have it on the last page of form I-485. You can also attach a separate sheet to the form at the end.

Question 25 – 30: These questions ask about criminal history and convictions. Even if an arrest was sealed or your case was dismissed, you must answer yes to question 25 if you were EVER arrested, charged, cited or detained by law enforcement or US immigration officers. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to explain this more on the last page of this form.

Part 8: General Eligibility and Inadmissibility Grounds (continued)

Question 31 – 45: Continued from the previous page, you’ll need to answer truthfully to the rest of these questions about your criminal history.

Question 46a – 47: The following questions want to know if you abide by the laws of the country you are in. It not only show whether you have good moral character but it also provides information to USCIS if you act without regard to safety of others.

I-485 page 11

Part 8: General Eligibility and Inadmissibility Grounds (continued)

Question 48a – 57: Continue to answer truthfully to the rest of the questions about your criminal and immigration history. These questions are meant to find out what USCIS needs to do more digging on. Lying will not help your case so please be honest and explain the circumstances on an additional page.

Most criminal arrests will not mean you will be denied but not telling the truth certainly will!

I-485 page 12

Part 8: General Eligibility and Inadmissibility Grounds (continued)

Question 58a -60: The rest of these questions are mainly focusing on criminal history. A murder conviction will likely negatively affect your green card application but you have to be honest. If you have served your time and are rehabilitated, this may help your case. Contact a local immigration attorney that is familiar with criminal convictions and green card applications.

Question 61 – 62: These two questions ask if you have EVER been on public assistance from the U.S. government. USCIS wants to know whether you are at risk of becoming a public charge. If you answer “Yes”, then you may be considered inadmissible if the adjudicator believes you will likely get on public assistance again.

Question 63a – 72b: The next few questions ask if you have been removed or deported from the United States. These questions are intended to learn whether you have ever lied to immigration officials or committed immigration fraud. Most people who are attempting to immigrate generally avoid lying or committing fraud but mistakes do happen. Be sure that you know what’s in your immigration file by requesting a FOIA request.

i-485 PAGE 13

Part 8: General Eligibility and Inadmissibility Grounds (continued)

Question 73a – 73b: Re-entering the U.S. unlawfully is a serious issue. I You could be barred from entering the U.S. for 20 years or permanently. Re-entry and deportation before April 1997 will not cause you to accrue unlawful presence.

Question 74 – 80b: By now I’m sure you are sick of answering these questions, right? The rest of them are considered miscellaneous questions about your character and whether you are a person of good moral character.

Part 9: Accommodations for Individuals with Disability and/or Impairments

Question 1 – 2c: If you are disabled and need special accommodations during your interview, select “Yes”. If not, select “No.”

I-485 page 14

Alright, we are almost done! We have only 4 more pages on how to fill out I-485 form. I hope this post has been helpful to you to understand exactly how to complete this form to get approved for a green card.

How To Fill Out Form I-485 Adjustment of Status Pages 15 – 18.

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