How Do I Apply For A CR2/IR2 Dependent Visa For My Child And Include It With My I-130 Application?

In many cases, the children of a foreign spouse or fiance(e) can apply for a CR2/IR2 dependent visa. The process can vary somewhat depending on what category of visa the foreign applicant falls under.

“Child” for immigration purposes refers to someone unmarried and under 21 years of age at the time of entry to the United States, and should not be confused with a visa for a “son or daughter”.

How To Apply For A CR2/IR2, Child of CR1 or IR1 Recipient

Each child must have separate petitions filed, and separate affidavits of support.

Unlike the fiance(e) visa, each child under 21 will qualify for a visa, but must have separate petition filed for each child.

Processing time can take 3.5 to 12 months, depending on individual circumstances.

How To Apply For An IR2-Adopted Child

adoption-cr2-ir2-visaAn adopted child can qualify for a visa, provided that one of the adoptive parents has lived with the child and been the sole means of support of the child for a period of 2 years or more.

If the child is the adopted child of a US citizen petitioner, the child will gain US citizenship upon entry to the USA.

The process is similar to that of a standard IR2, but has some special paperwork and documentation involved.

Processing time is 3.5 to 12 months, depending on individual circumstances.

A son or daughter of a US citizen may qualify for a visa. The process is similar to that of a CR2, but takes 3-5 years.

An unmarried son or daughter under 21 years of age of a green card holder (Legal permanent resident) may qualify for various visas, depending on individual circumstances.

The Complete CR1/IR1 and CR2/IR2 Immigration Process

USCIS Process
1. Sending a petition I-130 + Fee + supporting documents to USCIS (separate forms and fees for each child)

I-130 application for children excludes:

  1. No passport-sized photos required.
  2. No G-325a required.
  3. No huge stack of “bona fides” required.
2. Receiving Notice of Receipt ( NOA1)
3. Case is approved, receiving Notice of Approval ( NOA2 )
4. Case will be transferred from USCIS to NVC


NVC Process
5. NVC assigns case Number
6. Receiving case number and invoice ID number by Email
7. Filling out DS-261 online form
8. Paying AOS fee $120 online ( Collecting AOS documents to submit to NVC : Financial documents )
9. Receiving IV fee bill invoice by Email
10. Paying IV fee $325 online ( Collecting IV documents to submit to NVC )
11. Submit AOS documents to NVC after getting document barcode sheet from $120 payment
12. Submit IV document to NVC after getting document barcode sheet from $325 payment
13. Filling out DS-260 online form
14. NVC officer checks all documents
15.Case completes at NVC
16. NVC schedules interview date and transfers case file to embassy / consulate
17. An interview appointment letter is sent by Email


Embassy/Consulate Process
18. Complete visa delivery address online form
19. Complete a medical examination before getting interview
20. Preparing all documents for the interview
21. Interview at embassy/consulate

  1. Bring school records.
  2. Some photos of the child with the petitioning parent
22. Receive visa packet
23. Paying IV fee $165 before traveling


U.S. Entry Process
24. Showing visa packet to an immigrant officer at a port of entry
25. Receiving green card and SSN card by mail within 1-2 months.
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