How Do I Get Health Insurance If I Am Pregnant And My Adjustment Of Status Is Pending?

Health insurance is something that you will need to consider before you move to the United States because it is a complicated matter to sort through.

Many people who are immigrating from other western countries will be in a for a big shock because they probably never had to buy their own insurance.

If you have arrived on a K-1 Visa, you may need to wait until you get married to get health insurance. The easiest way to do this is to be added on to your new spouse’s existing health insurance plan. Health insurance companies allows your spouse to add you to their plan with proof of your marriage such as a marriage certificate.

You will need to provide your new Social Security Number (SSN) to the health insurance company so make sure to apply for your SSN as soon as you arrive. It’s also a good idea to apply for a state drivers license before your K-1 Visa has expired as proof of identification.

My Fiance(e)/Spouse Does Not Have Health Insurance, What Can I Do?

Many Americans are still uninsured.
Many Americans are still uninsured.

If your fiance(e) or spouse does not have health insurance, you will need to pay for your own separately.

Consider using your state’s health insurance exchange to get a quote for the best rates. Health insurance is a requirement in the United States based on the Affordable Care Act (Obama care).

There are subsidies for those who cannot afford coverage so there is no reason that your fiance(e) or spouse to not have it.

My Fiance(e)/Spouse Is On Medicare or Medicaid, Can I Also Get Public Assistance With Health Care?

Unfortunately, as a new immigrant you will not be eligible for Medicaid. Your sponsor submitted form I-864 Affidavit of Support when they applied for your adjustment of status agreeing that you would not become a public charge.

Your fiance(e) or spouse is responsible for you and will need to buy private health insurance for you.

If your fiance(e) or spouse is currently on Medicare, they are eligible for this because they have paid into this government sponsored health insurance during their working years and are 65 and older.

You are not eligible for this until you are a legal resident who is 65 and older and have paid into this system.

I Am Pregnant But My Adjustment Of Status Isn’t Approved, Can I Get Medicaid?

Pregnant woman in hospital.
Pregnant woman in a hospital.

If you were pregnant when you arrived in the United States on a K-1 Visa and have gotten married to your fiance(e) check with their employer or current private health insurance company to see if you can be added.

Some insurance companies have a time limit for when a new spouse can be added (within 60 days) so check to make sure you are still within this requirement.

If your spouse does not have their own health insurance and you cannot afford private insurance, your state may offer assistance to pregnant women that would not be considered welfare.

Medicaid is a means-tested federally funded benefits program and requires 5 years of residency until you are eligible to apply.

However, some states allow pregnant women to apply and receive Medicaid with no minimum requirement for residency. Please check with your state’s Medicaid office for more information.

New Immigrants Are Eligible For Emergency Medicaid

Emergency Medicaid is not considered means-tested benefits by the federal government and do not need to be paid back by the sponsor. Emergency Medicaid is designed for treating people when there is any need of sudden treatment in emergency cases.

Emergency Medicaid is only available for sudden medical emergencies which are very serious like serious jeopardy, impairment of body functions, dysfunction of any body part etc.

There is no payment needed if any candidate is eligible for taking emergency Medicaid but the emergency  Medicaid does not pay for treatment of any other things even if there is a serious case which can be life threatening.

The Medicaid cannot be approved in advance until the medical review team says that there is an emergency in the case. This means that you will only receive emergency Medicaid once you are ready to give birth.



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