1. Brian Kahler

    Are the income requirements before taxes or after taxes ?

  2. Yumi

    So how do i file the joint sponsor? Fill out a separate form but indicate the same beneficiary? Or together in one form but fill in part 7, additional information?

  3. Hi Yumi,

    The joint sponsor must fill out a separate form I-134 from the petitioner.

  4. Joseph

    Dear Ayan,

    I am a green card holder and I came to the US two months ago. Right now, I am working an I am earning more than 20k dollars.

    I got married just before I come and I would like to bring her to the US.

    1- Do I have the right to sponsor my wife? Since I am working and I meet 125% of Federal poverty line.
    2- If yes, is that true that I need to provide tax transcripts for at least two years?

  5. Alex

    Hi Ayan,

    I am the K1 petitioner and I will support my fiancee (beneficiary) by submitting I-134 form in the near future. If my income already meets the requirement, do I still have to make sure my assets meet the asset requirement? Obviously, the asset minimum is such a huge amount that I won’t be able to match for now. Besides, when I submit I-134 form, will I still have to submit a bank letter and bank statements in support of my total assets even though the asset requirement is not met?


  6. Hi Alex,

    If you make enough income to meet the income requirement for the I-134 you do not need to include assets on this form. It’s optional for those who’s income is short and they want to use assets to meet the shortfall. Again, if income is sufficient all you need to submit is your pay stubs and possibility bank account statements if you haven’t been at this job very long. For past income, USCIS will use previous years tax transcripts as proof of income. Good luck!

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