K-1 Visa Interview: Top 21 Questions That Will Be Asked

Before you receive your K-1 visa stamp in your passport, you will be required to go to an interview at the U.S. consulate in your home country.

This is something that everyone applying for a K-1 visa has to complete before being approved.

The interview itself is straightforward. There will be a variety of questions that will be asked to confirm that your relationship to your fiance(e) is genuine.

You may get nervous on the day of your interview, and this normal; your entire future is dependent on the outcome! But honestly, if you got this far, you shouldn’t have any issues passing the K-1 interview.

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What Do I Need To Bring To The K-1 Visa Interview?

When you received your interview notice letter, it describes all the documents that you must bring with you. You may need to travel to another city to get to the specific consulate, so make sure that you have everything with you before your trip.

    Bring your foreign passport

    Passport (valid for at least 6 months)

  • I-129F packet (copy of everything you sent to USCIS)
  • Interview letter
  • Original documents (birth certificate)

The process is simple: you will be asked to wait outside the consulate until the guard lets you in. You will be given a ticket with a letter or number on it which will indicate your place in line.

Once you go through security, you will sit in the waiting area for your ticket to be called. Once you are called, there will be a consulate officer behind glass that will ask for your I-129F documents. They are very friendly and understand how exciting and nerve wrecking this may be for you.

Top 21 K-1 Visa Interview Questions That May Be Asked

The following are some questions that may be asked at your K-1 visa interview. Answer questions as honestly as possible. Lying is grounds for a 10 year ban from the United States.

  • How long have you known your fiance?
  • How did you meet?
  • Have you ever been to the US?
  • When is the last time you have seen your fiance?
  • When will you leave for the US?
  • When did you meet in person?
  • When did your fiance propose?
  • Why was your fiance’s first marriage not working out? (if applicable)
  • Does your fiance have any kids?
  • How many, how old, who do they live with?
  • When did your fiance divorce? (if applicable)
  • What is your fiance’s birthday?
  • What is your birthday?
  • Does your fiance’s have any brothers and sisters?
  • Where do your fiance’s parents live?
  • What does your fiance do for a living?
  • Where does your fiance live?
  • Where was your fiance born?
  • When are you going to have the wedding?
  • Have you ever applied for a travel visa?
  • Where did your fiance visit when he/she was here?

Most of the questions are about your relationship and how well you know your fiance. Answer the questions honestly, and be yourself. It always helps to smile during the interview and show how much you care for your fiance.

What Happens After The K-1 Visa Interview?

K-1 Visa In Foreign Passport
K-1 Visa In Foreign Passport

Once the interview is complete, the consulate officer will either let you know that you have been approved or that they need to review your application (221g administrative processing).

If you are not approved on the spot, don’t worry! Sometimes they need to complete some additional background checks. You may also be asked to provide additional evidence of bona fide relationship or missing documents.

Depending on your country, administrative processing can take a few weeks or up to 18 months. This can be very stressful but remember that you are doing this for your fiance and your future together. Don’t give up just yet!

If you are approved, you will receive your passport in the mail with the K-1 visa stamped on one of the pages. Check the expiration date of the visa (usually 6 months) and make sure that you enter the U.S. before this date.

What Happens If I Am Denied A K-1 Visa At The Interview?

If you are denied then make sure to find out why. If the U.S. consulate does not believe your relationship is genuine, you have to prove that it is.

This will be a very difficult hurdle to overcome and it’s probably better to get married and apply for the CR-1/IR-1 visa instead. In most cases, it will not help to try to appeal this decision because the consulate ultimately has the final say.

Sometimes it helps if your fiance/spouse attends the interview with you for support. Most of the questions will be directed towards the beneficiary but it looks good to have your partner with you at the interview.

Your fiance or spouse is not required to attend the interview, but I noticed that some countries do encourage it.



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