My ROC Receipt Number Is Not Recognized on USCIS Website

Have you received your NOA1 (Notice of Action) from the USCIS with your removal of conditions ROC receipt number but it is not recognized by the USCIS website? Don’t worry, there is a reason why! The receipt number is used to track your case status on the website so that you know what stage your petition is it. It’s nice to know there is some transparency within the USCIS and they offer this little bit of insight.

When you file form I-751 (Removal of conditions of residency based on marriage) you will receive a notice letter that will have your receipt number on it. This letter will initially tell you they have received your petition and are processing it. The receipt number is similar to the actual case number and sometimes are one in the same. Some people use both terms interchangeably.

The notice letter also tells you that you can check the status of your ROC case on the USCIS website but this can be confusing because you actually have to wait until you receive your biometrics letter first before you can see the case status. I have seen many people obsessively check their case status daily which can drive them insane because it may not be updated for several more months.

How USCIS Processes Removal of Conditions Petitions

USCIS is notoriously slow at processing immigration cases either because they are under staffed or extremely diligent at going through each piece of evidence (you decide). Some people have also had the unfortunate event of having their case status not updated online until they’re already approved for the 10 year green card. That is insane! I remember checking the case status for both my K1 visa and Adjustment of Status but not for the 10 year green card.

It just wasn’t a big deal because I already had a green card and a letter showing that I had applied to remove the conditions on it. I was able to continue to work so it didn’t cross my mind to check everyday. Time is something that we have less of as we grow older so I sure wasn’t going to waste it checking on the status of my case which may not even be updated.

The good news is that you are almost done with the US immigration process and within a year of filing your removal of conditions petition, you can apply for US citizenship and say goodbye to the USCIS forever! Isn’t this the #1 fantasy of most new immigrants? No more paperwork, no more evidence, no more interviews!

Checking Case Status on

You can use your ROC receipt number or case number to view that status of your case online. This can be very useful for those of you who need to know exactly when the status has changed for your case. You will even know whether USCIS has sent you a request for evidence. The only downside is that USCIS rarely updates it more than one or twice a year.

It’ll be less stressful to just wait for any letters to arrive in the mail instead of checking the status online. If your case hasn’t been touch for months and there is no update since the initial acceptance, you can also call their customer service number 800-375-5283. Make sure you have your ROC receipt number or case number with you when you call because that is the first thing they’ll ask for.

Sometimes a case gets stuck in limbo and there is no answer for years. This is not normal and you should contact USCIS to find out what’s going on with your case. If they aren’t helpful, you can reach out to your congressperson for help by writing them a letter and including some documents that will help them understand your case. Some congresspeople are able to really apply some pressure to USCIS to get your case completed quickly so give it a try.

If that fails, I recommend you seek the help of an immigration attorney. It may not always be helpful if the reason for the delay is valid but it can definitely get things going if there is a delay due to dumb reasons like being understaffed or lost documents.

Final Thoughts

Getting the status of your case is important so that you can make sure it isn’t lost in the shuffle. Trust me, USCIS has lost countless petitions and they don’t apologize for it. It is up to you to resubmit the documents they have lost quickly or they will deny your case due to abandonment.

This is why making a copy of your entire removal of conditions petition is so important. If you are asked to resubmit a document, you will already be prepared to send it to them in record time. This is reduce the delay in your approval as well.

Now that you are in the waiting game, why not prepare for the Removal of Conditions interview? The free eBook below will guide you through the interview process and what you can expect. It’ll help you get through it with as little stress as possible. Of course it’s normal to be nervous about any interview, especially the immigration interview. But being prepared definitely takes the bite out of the ROC interview.

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