Removal Of Conditions Interview: Top 11 Questions That Will Be Asked

The removal of conditions (ROC) interview is the second last step for most new immigrants. It allows you to remove the conditions on your temporary 2 year green card and can be renewed indefinitely. Although there is no requirement to apply for naturalization, you do have the option as a permanent resident to continue to renew your 10-year green card.

Not everyone will be required to attend the removal of conditions interview, but if you have one scheduled, try to prepare for it beforehand. I wrote another post about the high denial rates for the removal of conditions interview. Why? Because those who are required to attend were selected for one reason or another. Think about your own case. Was there anything that could be seen as a red flag by the USCIS? If not, I think you should see prepare for the interview with your spouse.

Just because you have come this far and have a temporary green card does not mean that it will be any easier going forward. Don’t underestimate the immigration officer interviewing you, their job is to make sure that you’re not committing immigration fraud.

What Do I Need To Bring To The Removal of Conditions Interview?

When you receive your interview notice letter, it will describe all the documents that you need to bring with you.

This is to notify you that your petition has been relocated to USCIS field office listed below for adjudication. That office will schedule an interview for you. When an interview date becomes available, that office will notify you in a separate notice of the date and time you will need to appear for the interview.

It will also let you know the date and time of your interview as well as the location. Do not be late! Get there early because there may be a lot of people there at the same time as your interview.

So what should you bring with you for the Removal of Conditions interview?

  • Joint state and federal taxes for the previous 2 years;

    You may be required to submit tax transcripts.
    You may be required to submit tax transcripts.
  • Joint accounts/bills:
  • Insurance policies(car,boat,life,health,etc);
  • Wills of both you and your wife;
  • Evidence of joint loan applications;
  • Evidence of joint purchases;
  • Power of Attorney;
  • Deeds/lease/rental agreements;
  • Military; Champus/Doors application etc;
  • Any other documents to show marital relationship;
  • Submit any divorce decrees/petitions for divorce;

Basically, you need to bring the original documents of everything that you have submitted in your I-751 application. You may also bring additional photos, hotel receipts and other documents showing a shared life together.

Top 11 Questions Asked At The Removal Of Conditions Interview

The questions will be based on your marriage and your life together. It will include general questions that you may have been asked before.

  • How did you meet?
  • Whats your date of birth?
  • Have you ever been denied for visa? (beneficiary)
  • How did you become US Citizen? (petitioner)
  • Has anyone in your family been denied a visa? (beneficiary)
  • Do u have any children in anywhere in the world?
  • What do you do for living ?
  • Is this your first marriage?
  • Do you have any children anywhere in the world?
  • What is your current address?
  • Have you ever been arrested?

If you complete the interview to the satisfaction of the immigration officer, you should receive an approval notice in the mail. However, if there is any discrepancies with your answers and previous information in your file your case will be put under review.

I Was Asked To Go To A 2nd Removal Of Conditions Interview

A stokes interview is very serious.

If you are required to attend another interview, this is not good. It means that the immigration officer suspects that your marriage is based on fraud.

Of course not everyone who goes to a second interview is committing fraud, but you need to prove that to the person interviewing you.

The second (and sometimes third interview) will most likely be a Stokes Interview. Learn more about the stokes interview and how to prepare for it.

Make sure that you and your spouse are on the same page and you may want to review the questions in the link above. The stokes interview is very serious and if you do not get approved you may be placed in removal proceedings.

This would be a good time to speak with an immigration attorney to help you prepare for it and help you appeal if you are denied. I don’t mean to scare you but there is no easy way to say it. There are couples who can get through the stokes interview and get approved but there are also those who are denied.

I Filed I-751 With A Divorce Waiver And Have An Interview

If you are required to go to a self-petitioned removal of conditions interview, it usually means that the USCIS needs clarification on something in your petition or you may have been randomly picked.

Sometimes it may have something to do with your adjustment of status interview or because of your divorce. Since you have self-petitioned your I-751 without your spouse, only you will be required to attend the interview.

Make sure that you have carefully prepared your petition with as many supporting documents as possible that show your marriage was genuine. You will be scrutinized more because of your divorce.

Before your interview date approaches, try to gather even more evidence to bring with you to the interview. This evidence can be in the form of cards, letters, affidavits, bills, bank account statements, lease agreements, car titles, mortgage documents, photos etc.

Make sure anyone who is writing an affidavit for you can be very specific and detailed in their statements, it is as if they are testifying in court and the examiner will want to get a good sense on how well they knew you as a couple and their thoughts on why you divorced.

Many times immigration officers will take what you bring to the interview to put in their file, so bring copies of any originals that you do not want to part with.

What Questions Will Be Asked If I File I-751 With A Divorce Waiver?

The questions will be a little different and will focus on the details of your divorce and relationship as a whole. Be honest and thorough with your answers.

  • How did you meet your ex-spouse?

    Questions will be about your marriage/divorce.
  • What was the length of your dating period before marriage?
  • How was your relationship with your spouse’s family?
  • When did you start experiencing problems in your marriage?
  • Did you take any steps to resolve those issues?
  • Which one of you initiated the divorce?
  • When did you move out of the marital residence?
  • Was there any infidelity?
  • What specific factors led to dissolving your marriage?
  • Are you in a new relationship?
  • Why do you think this one might work even though you got divorced?

As long as you marriage was genuine, you should not have any problems with getting approved. A problem can arise when you do not have enough evidence to show co-mingling of finances, bills, rent/mortgage etc. In this case you will have a uphill climb to get approved.

Remember, getting divorced doesn’t equal marriage fraud. Relationships sometimes do not work out and the USCIS knows this and they have done plenty of interviews to see who is being honest.

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