Should I Go With My Fiancee To The Embassy Interview?

The last step of the K-1 Visa application is going to your interview with all your original documents.

If your fiancee is scheduled for their interview in their home country, it can sometimes be a good idea to join them for the interview. This is especially true for specific countries that have a high denial rate for K-1 visa approvals.

By going to the interview with your fiancee, you are supporting them in this stressful time and it allows the Immigration Officer to ask both of you questions about your relationship.Going With Your Fiancee Doesn’t Guarantee K-1 Visa Approval!

Approved visa application
Approved visa application

However, going with your fiance does not guarantee that your K-1 Visa will be approved and it will not hurt your case if the foreign fiancee goes alone.

Personally, I went to my interview at the Montreal consulate by myself because my fiance could not travel to Canada on my interview day. All went well and I was approved on the spot.

At some U.S. embassies, they do not allow U.S. citizens to accompany their fiancee to the actual interview so call ahead before you make the trip.

What If I Am Not Approved Right Away At The U.S. Embassy?

221(g) document for administrative processingIf you submitted all the evidence that was required you should be fine at the interview. Sometimes the USCIS needs to review your case further after the interview and you will receive document 221(g) for Administrative Processing.

There is nothing to fear because the majority of people that are placed on administrative processing are eventually approved but it can take anywhere from a few months to upwards of a year.

As long as your case is strong and your relationship is genuine, you will be fine.


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