Consulate/Embassy Interview Questions

The best way to prepare for the CR1 visa is to know what types of questions they will ask you. By knowing this information ahead of time you won’t be blindsided.

Personal questions about your spouse:

  • What is your spouse’s name?
  • What are your hobbies and interests?
  • Was your spouse married previously?
  • Tell me about your spouse’s children.
  • What are your spouse’s parent’s names?
  • When and how did you meet your spouse?
  • How long have you been corresponding with your spouse?
  • How long has your spouse lived at their current address?
  • What is your spouse’s religious background?
  • Does your spouse speak and understand your language?
  • Has your spouse ever been convicted of a crime?
  • What is your spouse’s full name?
  • How do you spell your spouse’s middle name?
  • How long has your spouse been in the USA?
  • Does your spouse have any siblings/What are their names?
  • What can you tell me about the state your spouse lives in?
  • How old is your spouse?
  • What is your spouse’s favorite movie/musical artist/food?
  • Does your spouse have any pets/What are their names?
  • Where and when was your spouse born?
  • Did your spouse go to college/Where?

Questions about your spouse’s employment/assets:

  • What do you do for a living?
  • What is your spouse’s salary?
  • What make/model/color is your spouse’s car?
  • How much did your spouse spend on their last trip to see you?
  • How many days a week does your spouse work?

Questions directed towards you (beneficiary):

  • What do you do for a living?
  • Where do you plan to live in the United States?
  • When and how did you meet your spouse?
  • Did you know that your spouse was previously divorced?
  • Where do you plan to live in the United States?
  • Where did you get married?
  • What is your religious background?
  • Do you speak and understand your spouse’s language?
  • How do you communicate with your spouse?
  • Why do you want to come to the United States?
  • Where and how did you meet your spouse?
  • Tell me about your wedding.
  • Did you have an engagement party/Who was there?
  • Do you/did you have honeymoon plans?
  • When do you plan on entering the USA?
  • Do you and your spouse have plans to have children in the future?
  • Have you met your spouse’s parents?
  • How often/how do you communicate with your spouse?
  • How many times have you been married?
  • How does your family feel about the marriage?
  • As a couple, why did you decide to move to the USA rather than your country?
  • Describe the proposal/When was it?
  • How many times have you met in person?
  • How many people showed up to your wedding?
  • How long did you date before getting engaged?

Questions to confirm background check data:

  • Are you a terrorist?
  • What are your other names?
  • Have you ever been to America?
  • Have you ever overstayed a visitor visa?
  • Have you ever been denied a visa to any country?
  • Do you have any relatives in the US?

What Happens After The Interview

After the interview, you will either be told that you have been approved or you will be handed a piece of paper that says “221g”.

The interviewer will return any original documents to you and keep your passport for both scenarios. If you are approved on the spot, expect your CR1 visa in your passport within 1-2 weeks in the mail. It will be delivered by courier and require a signature.

If you have been placed on administrative processing, your case is under review and you should expect a letter asking for further evidence or documents. Respond quickly to any requests and USCIS contact customer service once a month for updates until your CR1 visa is approved.

In some extreme cases (such as in Nigeria or India) you may be in administrative process for over 6 months and this is not unusual for cases that are review in some high fraud countries. There isn’t much that can be done except to wait. Even contacting congress by the US citizen will not get your case processed any sooner.