Traveling Outside The U.S. With A Green Card But My Passport Still Has My Maiden Name, Is This A Problem?

Once you have your green card, you are able to re-enter the United States after travel abroad. Your green card will have the name that you used to apply for the Adjustment of Status application (I-485)

Some women decide not to change their maiden name when applying for Adjustment of Status. In this case, the name on your green card and your passport will be the same and you won’t need to do anything else.

However, if you did change your last name on the AOS application, your foreign passport will still have your maiden name which can be an issue when traveling abroad.

Do I Have To Renew My Foreign Passport With My Married Name?

Renewing your foreign passport.If your passport is about to expire, it is probably a good idea to update the information on it when you apply to renew it.

However, it is not always necessary especially if your passport has many years until it expires. In this case, the best option is to use the name on your passport when you are purchasing your plane ticket.

When re-entering the United States you will need to have a copy of your marriage certificate to explain the discrepancy in your name.

Legally Changing Your Name After You Receive Your Green Card?

You can change your last name after you received your green card, by applying to replace your green card with form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card. The filing fee for this form is $450.00 which includes $85.00 for biometrics.

You will also need to update the name on your Social Security card and drivers license so that all your documents match. Once you submit the application to the USCIS, it generally takes about 6 months to process.


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