What To Do If You Suspect Your Fiance Of Immigration Fraud

You know the saying “love is blind”? It’s no different when it comes to long distance love affairs. When you first meet someone online, you want to know everything about them. Granted, you will be more likely to see the good in everything they do and say, and ignore the negative signs. This is normal and we have all gone through the puppy love phase of new relationships.

Making decisions about a long distance relationship during the early months of your courtship can be dangerous though. You may not see that the person you fell in love with has been lying to you entire time. Why? Because they want to use you for immigration benefits! Everyone knows that the fastest way to get a green card is through marriage to a U.S. citizen. Some foreigners are even encouraged by their families to start relationships online with naive Americans for this purpose.

The main purpose of this post is to warn US citizens to be careful when it comes to sponsoring someone you believe to be honest. Granted, the vast majority of immigrants are honest, but there are those who wish to take advantage of the US immigration system. Knowledge is power. You need to know some of the signs to look for in your own relationship and make an informed decision.

Signs Your Partner Is Committing Immigration Fraud

Obviously, your fiance(e) will not come right out and tell you that they are using you for immigration benefits. So how exactly will you know? Good new is that people who lie can only keep up with it for so long. Especially if they think they are so close to their goal that they no longer need your services. Many immigrants begin to get irritated with their US fiance the minute they receive their K1 visa thinking that’s all they need.

Others are much smarter and will stick around until they receive their green card. This is because they know they will need the US citizen’s cooperation to file for adjustment of status or they are sh*t out of luck.

If you suspect your fiance(e) of immigration fraud, below is a list of possible warning signs:

  • They don’t answer your calls more then the times they do
  • They don’t want you to really get to know their family
  • Their family doesn’t know you exist
  • They don’t buy you gifts or spend any money on you
  • They are a different religion (especially Islam) and don’t care that you convert
  • There is a big age difference (older woman) and don’t care about children
  • They don’t want you to visit them for too long
  • They don’t want a public engagement celebration

These are just some of the signs. Try to be objective about their mood changes and how they act after they receive their K1 visa. Some immigrants may already be engaged or married with children in their home country. This can come as a complete shock to some US sponsors but it does happen. Think of this way: this person wants nothing more than to have a better life in the US and YOU are their ticket to this better life. Of course, having you around is only temporary but they won’t tell you that!

Notifying USCIS Of Immigration Fraud

Okay, now that you have some evidence that your fiance(e) is committing immigration fraud – it’s time to let USCIS know. In this case, you will want to set up an info pass appointment at your local USCIS office to provide the evidence you have gathered. Remember, they don’t care about how this person has hurt you; they want to see hard evidence showing immigration fraud

Type of documents that can be used as evidence:

  • Emails showing that your fiance(e) intends to use you for a green card
  • Documents showing that your fiance(e) is already married
  • Evidence showing that your fiance(e) lied on their K1 application

This type of evidence is hard to refute. Everything else can be denied but this doesn’t mean that you can use it as supplemental evidence. Once you have the USCIS attention, you can provide them with the evidence and explain why you suspect your partner of immigration fraud.

It’s now up to USCIS to investigate your allegations and see if it has merit. I would recommend that you stop communicating with your fiance(e) immediately to protect yourself from a false VAWA case. Many immigrants understand that if they claim abuse and can show some evidence, they can self-petition for a green card without the US citizen.

Immigration Fraud After You Have Married

Once married, it does get a little more difficult to get this person out of your life. Not only will you need to file for divorce, but you risk them filing false abuse charges against you. If possible, leave the shared residence until you can legally get them removed or are divorced. I know this isn’t easy but it’s your safest option.

Do not file for adjustment of status with them. Once filed, you can retract is as long as it hasn’t been approved. You will need to send a letter to the USCIS explaining that you would like to cancel your affidavit of support for your spouse. This will cause the case to be denied. Remember, once you file for AOS the USCIS has no obligation to let you know the status of the case. Technically, it is the immigrants petition so you will have no way of knowing the outcome unless you have the case number and can check online.

Once you have submitted your request to cancel the affidavit of support, you should move on with your life. Don’t waste another breath or thought on them. They are no longer your responsibility even if they are not sent home to their country.

There is no guarantee that USCIS will deport them, even if you have evidence of fraud, because this agency is under staff and underfunded. There are thousands of people who have committed immigration fraud that are still in this country without legal status. One day it will catch up to them but for now their are accruing unlawful time in the US that could result in a lifetime ban.

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