What Type Of Evidence Is Needed To File For Adjustment Of Status I-485?

If you are filing for Adjustment of Status (AOS), this means that you probably have gone through the K-1 Fiance(e) visa process where you provided evidence of your relationship to the USCIS.

The difference between the K-1 visa evidence and the AOS evidence is that now you will be married so the first thing they will need is proof of your marriage. You can include a copy of your marriage certificate as well as photos of your wedding day, this should be sufficient to prove you both are now legally married.

Best Evidence To Send In With Your I-485 Adjustment Of Status Application

Copy of your marriage certificate

The next thing that the USCIS wants to see is that you both live together as a married couple.

Make copes of your rental agreement or mortgage document (if you foreign spouse is on them). Include copies of utility bills, cell phone bills and other pieces of mail with both names on them.

The final requirement is that you both have financial ties together and this will include joint bank accounts, joint credit cards, joint IRAs and life insurance policies.

You can include health insurance documents as well as car insurance policy with both your names on it.

The U.S. citizen spouse will need to include their tax transcripts for the previous two years. There is not requirement for joint filing since you would not be married long enough to file together by the time your interview date is set.

Do I Need To Provide Full Bank Account Statements?

Joint bank account

Yes, the USCIS wants to see activity ranging from the date you were married up until your AOS interview.

If you only open a joint bank account but there is no activity and you do not use it, they will see right through this tactic.

You do not want the USCIS to think that you are just creating evidence for their purposes.

Print out transaction information for the time range of your marriage and make sure that it shows dates, amounts, names and address.

This will be solid evidence that you both trust each other with your money and have access to it jointly.

What If My Spouse and I Live With Friends or Family?

If you both live with friends or family and do not have mortgage documents or rental agreement in both your names, you can get the people you live with to write a letter stating you live with them together.

This obviously will not be strong evidence so you may end up being required to have an Adjustment of Status interview.

This will probably also cause you not to have any utility bills in your names but you can always use other bills such as cell phone, gym membership, doctors bills and  veterinarian bills.

If I Am Required To Have An AOS Interview, Was My Evidence Not Enough?

Couple at interview

Generally, the USCIS randomly picks which cases will need to have an interview but many times they select cases that do not have enough evidence or seem suspicious.

Do not worry too much if you are required to have an interview, it is a quick process that usually takes less than 15 minutes.

We were required to have an interview and we provided a good amount of evidence. It took less than 10 minutes and about 5 questions before we were approved.

In conclusion, make sure to provide as much evidence as possible including joint residence, joint finances, joint bills and tax transcripts.

If you are required to show up to the AOS interview, dress casually and relax. All they want to do is weed out the people who are committing immigration fraud and approve the legitimate couples!

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