Will It Be An Issue To File AOS I-485 If I Change My First And Last Name After Marriage?

Once you are married to your US citizen petitioner, you have the option to change your last name and take the surname of your spouse.

Some states also allow you to change your first name as well but this can cause issues if you will be traveling overseas since your foreign passport will have a completely different first and last name. One way to get around this issue is to buy your plane ticket in the same name as your passport.

Will The USCIS Accept My AOS Forms With My New Name?

USCIS accepts complete AOS applications
USCIS accepts complete AOS applications

The USCIS has no problem with you changing your first and last name as long as you provide a certified copy of your marriage certificate and name change.

But remember that once you submit your Adjustment of Status documents, all future I.D.s will be in your new name as well.

If you can I recommend eventually changing your name on your foreign passport to match your legal name in the United States. This will make traveling back home so much simpler.

I Just Want To Change My Last Name and Keep My First Name

If you are only changing your last name when you file your AOS forms, then you only need to submit a certified copy of your marriage certificate and include your maiden name in the “other names used” area.

Make sure that you always include all previous names used on all forms that you submit to the USCIS or you may end up getting a Request for Evidence (RFE) which will delay getting you green card.

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